Dynamics 365 Social Media Integration

Dynamics 365 Facebook Integration and Dynamics 365 Twitter Integration Solution

TechLabs London Social Media Solution Integrates Dynamics 365 fully with Facebook and Twitter allowing your products and services to be published onto both Social Media platforms via click of a button.

TechLabs London Social Media add-on solution can be easily embedded inside your Dynamics 365 solution to work on any Dynamics 365 entity both system (customisable) and custom entities.

You can easily post your product with its photos and information to Facebook in a single click. From within Dynamics 365 forms, a single click posts your product for you along with property description and photos – all from the same screen – you don’t even need to go anywhere else!

TechLabs London Social Media Solution allows you to post your product directly on Twitter along with product photos and information via a single click of button. You can also adjust and change the tweet text to your exact wording or use the dynamically generated tweet text based on your product details and description.